Wood Group Kenny Businesses:
Wood Group Kenny

Woood Group JBEC
15a, Leninsky prospect,
Moscow 119071,
Tel.: +7 (495) 933-79-15
Fax: +7(495) 933-79-19
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Wood Group JBEC, Moscow

Wood Group Engineering seeks to combine the local accountability of its offices with a global perspective to provide the most appropriate skills and expertise to customers. Our offices routinely work together and inter-office transfers of personnel are encouraged. There are group wide systems for knowledge sharing, a group board for technology planning, and established global planning and management processes.

John Brown E and C, LTD operates its own office in Moscow representing the entire WG in this region and commonly acting as WG contracting entity in Russia for local clients and subcontractors. It also serves as local coordination, project management and engineering centre supporting the projects located in Russia and CIS.


  • The possibility of making use of Wood Group’s global experience and resources with engagement of highly qualified specialists from other divisions of the corporation.
  • Proven network of competent subcontractor organisations (RDIs) and individual subcontractors to develop specialist sections of project design documentation.
  • The capability to work both under Russian and western standards, generating bi-lingual documentation.
  • Knowledge of both Russian and western systems of design and proven experience in obtaining design documentation and approvals.
  • A western engineering company within “walking distance” for clients in the Russian Federation.