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The Houston office of J P Kenny continues to grow and our resource base is fast approaching 250 project professionals. This is a uniquely exciting time to join our project teams.

At JPK Houston, we are able to offer our employees unlimited challenges to participate in all aspects of project development and execution. Our performance reliability has allowed us to develop a diverse portfolio of projects throughout the Americas extending from the Gulf of Mexico to Argentina, as well as East, West and South Africa.

The Houston office works diligently to select the highest caliber personnel in all disciplines. We have a demographically balanced organization ranging from senior managers with over twenty years of project and construction management expertise, to our growing Young Guns program that is attracting the youngest and brightest new faces to the industry.

J P Kenny Houston combines large-scale, innovative pipeline and subsea engineering and management with business risk analysis. Our approach is designed:

  • To help you get the greatest economic value out of your project as quickly and as safely as possible.
  • To fulfill both your engineering objectives and your business visions at the same time.
  • To maximize ROI and NPV.

J P Kenny Houston offers you a powerful track record of evaluating, optimizing and managing business risks, reducing project costs, improving schedules, maximizing safety and delivering your objectives.

People, Security and Performance - all proven to add value. All measurable. All the resources you need in one culture:

  • International-standard engineering capabilities.
  • Business risk analysis and project management tool.
  • Proven expertise of people around the world.

J P Kenny is one of the world's largest and most innovative pipeline and subsea engineering and management contractors, with more than 30 years experience, and more than 1300 professional staff on four continents. Our capabilities include:

  • Independence: there are no "associated" subsidiaries or yards that must be supported with subcontracts or designed-in requirements.
  • Objectivity: project bids, plans and specifications, supported by our business risk management approach, help you choose the most cost-effective business solution to meet your budget, schedule and operating objectives.
  • Flexibility: plans and specifications are not only fit for purpose, but fit for the future, too. Because we have integrated business risk management tools, you can change to meet circumstances, within budget parameters. Future operations and conditions can be accommodated at the same time.

We deliver an engineering solution that is your solution - the one that fulfills your business vision safely, most cost-effectively, and on schedule.


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J P Kenny, Inc.
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Tel: +1 281 675 1000
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