Wood Group Kenny Businesses:
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Development Studies
Techno-Economic Appraisals, Risk Assessment and Mitigation plans, Dynamic and Steady State Hydraulic/Thermal Modeling, Flow Assurance, Preparation of Overall Development Plans, Use of GIS Based Field Development and Cost Evaluation Tool FOCU$.
Onshore Pipelines
Oil and Gas Field Developments, Pipeline Routing utilizing GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques, Line Size Optimization and Cost Modeling, Detailed Design of Facilities.
Subsea Systems
Subsea Manifolds and Valve Stations, Riser Bases, Umbilicals and Subsea Cables, Subsea Valve Stations, HIPPS, Diverless Connection Systems, Multiple Subsea Field Architecture, Design of Satellite Tie-Backs.
Offshore Pipelines
Design of Trunklines, Pipelines and Risers, Caissons and J-Tubes, Bundled Pipelines, Pipe-in-Pipe Systems, HT/HP Pipelines, Subsea LPG/LNG Pipelines Deepwater, Surveys, Shore Approaches, Precommissioning, Advanced Engineering, Real Time Route Selection, Material Engineering.
Asset Management
Asset Management System, Fitness For Purpose(FFP) analysis, Corrosion Inhibition, Maintenance Strategies, Survey Inspection and Management Support, Pipeline Integrity Assessments.
Project Management
Risk Management, Procurement & Construction Management, Cost Estimating and Control, Value Engineering, Document Management.